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The importance of inositol and choline to human health

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Supposing the animal feed lacks of inositol, it will appear the hair loss phenomenon, and after supplementation, it will re-grow. The shedding chevelure speed of male animal is twice fast than female, which wherewithal that male on the needs about inositol are larger than female. Human lacks of inositol will cause constipation, eczema (dermatitis) and eye abnormalities and other symptoms. Inositol was concentrated in the human eye crystal and cardiac muscle, very important to visual furthermore heart function. In the body, omit for nicotinic acid, the content of inositol is much larger than the other vitamins.

In an experiment, subjects taking vitamin B, helpful barium, by fluorescence microscopy, watch the gastrointestinal motility – gastrointestinal motility promotes the digestion and absorption of food, prevents flatulence and abdominal pain. The results showed that in all of the B vitamins, only inositol can significantly increase gastrointestinal motility, stimulate the appetite and liquidate constipation.

Myelin which protect the nerve surface are mostly constituted by the lecithin, when the myelin damaged, it will cause varied sclerosis. Lecithin helps to digest, absorb and transport the blood vitamin A, D, E and K which dissolved in fat, it is possible to feed cells utilizing fat. Now one part of constituting lecithin, inositol and choline cup be considered as the main component of egg yolk.

The most abundant source regarding choline is animal brain, liver, yeast, wheat germ, kidney and egg yolk. Payable to the methionine can produce this vitamin, so that the body should not be lack choline. The enzyme in methionine forms like choline, this process requires sufficient vitamin B12 and folic acid.

In clinical experiments, human conditions are very similar with animals. For example, animals are the constitute with humans, although they lack of choline, they cannot manufacture lecithin, thus led to high cholesterol. The normal blood cholesterol levels in children’s blood should not exceed 140mg, while the nephritis patients’ cholesterol levels were averaged 570mg. Same suppositive the diet is rich in protein, once the body lack of choline, a number of fast-growing small animals are likely to suffer from nephritis, such as pups, calves, etc. This diagnostic courage slow-paced down their growth, reduce the need for protein, turn the extra methionine into choline to enable them to survive. Similarly, the growing children are also likely to suffer from nephritis to slow down their evolution rate, despite someone has been suffered from this distemper and death, otherwise most throng can survive in general.

If denizen foods lack of choline, it inclination cause high blood pressure. According to pharmaceutical raw materials suppliers, medicinal profession had been conducted a study on 158 patients with severe hypertension, their blood oppression is exceptionally high, some people had been suffering stroke or eyes bleeding; Some of them are suffered from nephritis, these people are long-term medical treated however without effect. So just let them proceeds choline and avow their daily diet, after 5-10 days, headache, vertigo, tinnitus, angina, constipation and opposite symptoms have been reduced, even completely disappear. After three weeks, all patients’ blood pressure are reduced, regarding which a clearing regarding people back to normal, other aspects improved, patients said that they could sleep in better, the body is veto longer hydrops, vasodilation, the load on the heart also reduced. After stop taking choline, blood pressure raise again, the other symptoms also recurrence.

If gave little animals low prolamin content and choline deficiency feed, the excessive fat which accumulated in the liver will attain them forming of cirrhosis like humans, the proportion of died of liver cancer is high. Currently, the most obvious prodromal of choline deficiency is the liver accumulating excessive fat, and it is also the only symptom that doctors tin diagnose.

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