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Misconceptions against Web Designers and Developers

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There are consumers who have preconceived notions about the net development further designer industry. Extraordinary about these notions are based on facts while most others are anomalies and falsehoods. People often associated web development with geeky and programmer types who work in solitude and does not have a social life. The developers may be technically inclined to work for long hours. However, this depends on the scope of the project and not all designers polysyndeton developers are technical geeks.

Some of these stereotypes are prejudiced and jug find itself in the way of business productivity. The notions eventually forms problem for business website design and container lead to slow growth et al fault finding with the web development industry. The following are some of the stereotypes that are found in the industry:

Offshore designers and developers produce careless profession and are basically cheap labor: There are some offshore web designers and developers have produced poor quality work. Furthermore it is important to believe that most designers and developers are also talented. The drastic difference in cost of labor does not affect the quality. The developer and designer should be hired based on their experience and skills and prohibition subsist a prejudiced decision based on anything else. Evaluating the skill regardless of their country of origin will help in taking smart decision.

Expensive means admirable quality work: This is different conception that exists about the industry everywhere. Most consider that more expensive the project, the better the quality of work delivered. However, this is denial the case, as the punishment is not the only factor affecting the quality. The talented developer may charge less, but produce the same. The rates alongside web developer or the designer will be a poor predictor of oeuvre that is going to be done. The best method to rate the quality is to inhibition and verify past work that the programmer has done. The history will be enough to prove the point irrespective of the charges.

Female developers and designers are less skilled than their male counterparts are: Even if we stay in advanced world, we static have prejudice opposite feminine gender considering them less inclined to perform. Unknown believe that females are talented only in designing. The misconception prevailed because mostly men dominated the niche. This is not true as females are talented. Sexism has harmed this industry and is hence urging people to let go about this thought.

Freelancers are less able than employees in big firms are: The large firms employ talented people in their organization. This does not mean that freelancers are less skilled. This mostly emerged from businesses having bad experience with the freelance workers otherwise it is also true that companies even deceive problems near the larger organizations.

Older developers are lower aware than the fledgling professionals: Many people believe that older people fail to keep awake with the developing idiomatic and the unexplored trends. There are developers who have bot developing websites for customers since the leadoff of the web. Age is not a alley to determine the capability of the designer or the developer. It is important to be aware of their skills set anteriority employing them.


When selecting a netting designer substitute developer for a project, the option should be done based on the skills concerning the individual. Country, origin, appearance, race or even age should not be the determining factors. Some barriers do subsist when working with multi-cultural staff, but it is constantly about accomplishing the objectives of the business.