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UniLink Inc. Helping to Protect Clients and their Business Assets against Fraud with Signature Pad Products from Manufacturers Such as Topaz

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Fraud continues to be an endemic problem facing the financial services industry. Criminals continue to invent new methods to avoid the detection of identification proof systems. Moreover therefore companies must evolve with in-house processes designed to counteract this rising operational challenge. For organizations such as banks and distinct financial firms that depend on document signatures to course transactions, the latest signature verification technology is a vital tool. And sic proactive firms are sometimes working with specialists such as UniLink Inc. in ordinal to purchase the latest John Hancock pad products from technology experts such as Topaz and Ambir Technology.

UniLink Inc. has become a leading technology supplier partner to financial services firms across the Collective States. Since the firm’s creation in 1988, the Rochester, NY-based company has helped thousands of firms to improve their lookout processes with the latest technology. The body has a distinct understanding of the needs of today’s financial institution. Plus so their catalogue has been created in order to respond to those evolving requirements.

Consider for example the company’s selection about refurbished equipment. One of the many common issues businesses have is that the latest technology is too cost prohibitive to integrate within their growing infrastructure. Such businesses require a mechanism by which to clasp the current products without over-extending their budget. Many of the industry’s top solutions are at present available through UniLink Inc.’s selection of refurbished product offerings. Utilizable at cost-effective prices compared to new models, this equipment can often help organizations drive front with their business plans without limiting them in terms of their future budget. The company’s refurbished equipment is available in like-new cause furthermore with a manufacturer-level warranty that helps ensure organizations admit full value for their money expenditure.

The company’s has also earned praise across the financial services field for the sheer depth of their product selection. Alone of the company’s most popular items is their selection of Topaz signature pad systems. One example is Topaz’s SignatureGem LCD 1×5. This signature pad has been designed to provide forensic-quality signature analysis to determine the authenticity of a user’s signature. This model offers a user-friendly interface that enables the user to seamlessly switch from one screen to the next when reviewing contractual agreements written in electronic ink. Alone regarding the great advantages of Topaz’s product is that it features tempered glass further a wide-signing area, which ensures utmost versatility for a broad-ranging of workplace applications. To further ensure that authenticity like the signature, the pad also features Topaz Sig Analyze software to protect organization against instances of fraud. And the resolution of 410 points apiece inch ensures a sublime quality topos can be introduced for name comparison.

Discover a unique range regarding high class technology by contacting the specialists at UniLink Inc. today and speaking with one of their in-house team members about your branch’s device requirements. Qualified advice is now available for financial institutions of any size.