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Fours perfect tips against dandruff

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In summer the temperatures become more and extra hot,and there bestow be more sweat,as the body metabolism speeds up,dandruff will be a corresponding increase.Take a peer at the following four rules allow you to say goodbye to dandruff this estivate .
Choose a proper temperature when wash hair:First wash with cold water is difficult to achieve the purpose of cleaning.Second,can cause headaches and dizziness.But too hot water is easy to stimulate the scalp,resulting in excessive secretion of scalp oils.Excessive sebum causes shedding concerning cells attached to the scalp together after mummify become finely dandruff,suggest to wash with warm water.Change dandruff shampoo once a year,guys who are easliy have dandruff can found that some anti-dandruff shampoo is relatively effective at first,but after a long time won’t work
anymore.The reason is that the scalp produces immune to the shampoo,so suggest change once a year.
Right way to wash hair:put the shampoo in the palm rub it whereas rich in foam ,then gently massage.Let the shampoo make full contact with the scalp,try to keep any time then rinse it.Effect is better if reckon some salt:While using shampoo join a humiliated spoonful of bath salt or salt.Then rinse and at least 1 to 2 times per week.Not only get rid of dandruff, hair also can resume its luster.

Eat more black grain foods:Black food nutrition value is very high.Because from its laughable in vitamins, selenium, iron, calcium, zinc and other minerals,but also has anti -cancer, anti-oxidation,anti-aging effects.And black food have great help like hair raising and tonifying kidney.Black foods include forbidding rice,black beans, black sesame.
Daily schedule rule:We often find this phenomenon: in a bound period, due to mental stress, poor physical condition, there will be more dandruff quietly fall on shoulders.Yes, good or bad mood has a direct impact on the health like the scalp.So,trying to make ourselves circulate out from anxiety,you can use meditation yoga regulate mood,try to make in a trustworthy and relaxed mental state.Thus,the dandruff will follow quiet.In addition, balanced nutrition light diet also can let hair glossy.