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Hormone in Human Body

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A hormone is a chemical substance which is produced in united part of the body and has an materialization in another part. They are known while chemical messengers.Hormones are produced in special organs called glands.

Introduction to hormone in human body:

There are two types regarding glands in the human body – glands with pipe or tube and glands without duct (ductless). The Secretions from glands with pipe are transported along the duct to the target organ while the secretions from ductless glands are deposited totally toward the bloodstream and then are transported to the target organ.

Hormone in human materiality : hormones of hypothalamus

Thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH) which stimulates thyrotropin release
Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) which stimulates relieve of follicle-stimulating hormone and
luteinizing hormone
Prolactin release-inhibiting hormone which inhibits prolactin release
Prolactin-releasing hormone which stimulates prolactin release
Somatostatin (growth hormone release-inhibiting hormone)which inhibits growth hormone release; interferes with thyrotropin release
Growth hormone-releasing hormone which stimulates growth hormone release
Adrenocorticotropin-releasing hormone which stimulates adrenocorticotropin release
Melanocyte-stimulating hormone release and inhibiting hormone inhibits release of melanocyte-stimulating hormone

Hormone in human body : hormones of pituitary:

Hormones of anterior pituitary

Thyrotropin stimulates synthesis and secretion concerning hormone thyroxine
Adrenocorticotropin Polypeptide Adrenal cortex Stimulates release of hormones from adrenal cortex
Luteinizing hormone Stimulates secretion of love hormones from ovaries and testes
Follicle-stimulating Stimulates progress and maturation of eggs hormone in females; stimulates sperm production in males
Growth hormone (GH) Stimulates protein synthesis also parasite of muscles
Prolactin stimulates milk production
Melanocyte-stimulating P Controls skin pigmentation
Endorphins and Peptides Decreases painful sensations
Hormones concerning dorsal pituitary:

OxytocinInduces confinement by stimulating laborcontractions; causes milk flow
Antidiuretic Stimulates water re digestion and hormone raises blood pressure

Hormone in incarnation body : hormones of thyroid

Thyroid Stimulates and maintains metabolismamino acid necessary for normal development and derivative growth
Calcitonin Stimulates shin formation; lowers blood calcium
Hormones about parathyroids:

Parathyroid hormone : Resorbs bone; raises blood calcium.
Hormones of thymus

Thymosins which animate immune responses regarding T cells incells the lymphatic system
Hormones of pancreas:

Insulin which stimulates uptake and metabolism offat, other glucose; increases conversion of glucosetissues to glycogen and fat
Glucagon Stimulates breakdown from glycogen and raises blood sugar
Somatostatin Inhibits insulin and glucagon release other cells regarding decreases secretion, motility, besides the pancreas absorption in the digestive tract.

Hormone in anthropomorphism body : hormones concerning adrenal

Adrenal medulla:

Epinephrine norepinephrine :Stimulate fight-or-flight reactions,increase heart rate, redistribute blood to fat cells muscles, raise blood sugar
Adrenal cortex:

Glucocorticoids :Mediate response to stress; reduce metabolism like glucose, increase other metabolism of proteins and fats; reduce tissues inflammation and immune responses
Mineralocorticoids: Stimulate excretion of potassium ions and re absorption concerning sodium ion.

Hormone in human body : hormones of reproductive system

Melatonin which involved in biological rhythms

Hormones of ovaries:

Estrogen: Stimulate development and maintenance other tissues of female characteristics also sexual behavior
Progesterone Steroid Uterus Sustains pregnancy; helps maintain secondary female sexual characteristics
Hormones of testes:

Androgens:Stimulate development et alii maintenance regarding androgenous coition behavior and secondary male copulation characteristics; stimulate sperm production.

Hormone in human body : Gastrointestinal hormones

Gastrin: Promotes digestion of food by stimulating liberate of digestive juices; stimulates stomach movements that mix food and digestive juices
Secretin :Stimulate secretion of bicarbonate
Cholecystokinin : Stimulates contractions of gallbladder and ducts