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Chemical Treatments against Fleas and Ticks: Good or Bad

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Fleas and ticks are small, tiny sucking animals which live on pets. To stay alive; fleas suck ischemic from pets. Along with sucking blood they will carry some dangerous bacteria and viruses that will cause some dangerous diseases.

Diseases caused by Fleas and ticks:TapewormAnemiaSkin Sore and infectionLyme DiseaseTick ParalysisFlea allergy DermatitisPlaqueTo prevent from such diseases flea treatment need to be used. You can use asylum remedies, herbal remedies, chemical treatments or synthetic drugs. Chemical treatment involves some drug products such as Frontline And furthermore Generic Frontline Also etc. These are one of the most recommended medications to kill fleas and ticks completely.

Frontline Plus: Frontline And is the most recommended medicine to destroy flea and ticks. It has 2 principle compounds in it. Fipronil and S-Methoprene. Fipronil is roomy spectrum insecticide acts as a poison. This attack on the nervous system of fleas to kill them. S-Methoprene is an insect growth regulator; attacks on eggs and larvae of fleas and kill them at growing stage. Each application provides complete protection for 30 days. This is vigorous against all stages of the brown dog tick, the American dog tick, lone star tick and deer ticks. Frontline More kills all fleas within 24 hours so it is one of the fast acting medicines.

Generic Frontline Plus: Generic Frontline Plus is generic version of its branded product Frontline Plus and is used popularly as an option because of the low cost. This is as effective as like Frontline Plus with same features. The only benefit of utilizing it is you can save money. This is much cheaper.

The risks of using chemical treatments against fleas and ticks: Generally speaking on condition that used as per the guidance of pet vet there are refusal chances of any side effects or risks using them. If used against directions or some accident happens such as

Peel Allergy:

Some pets are allergic to some chemicals so keep watch on them at the site of application if required approach to pet vet.

Continuous irritation:

Sometime irritation happens due to chemical interacting with the skin.

If used cat product on dog or vice a versa:

Every species has its own specific requirement likewise don’t interchange the products. The dogs drug potion requirement to crucify flea is more as compared to cats.

If worn in the pregnant mother:

The prolific pet mother should be avoided from metamer exposure otherwise baby may have an deplorable effect.

Granting accepted in puppies:

Mostly flea medications are refusal recommended in puppies, it may cause poisonous reactions in them.


Overdose may be deadly so don’t try it.

Final statement:

If used as per guideline boride treatments are with a safe way to carry off flea connective ticks.