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Arya samaj mandir marriage – rise against the orthodox

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Marriage is considered the holy unity of two person in which not only two people unite in a lifelong relation but the two families voltooien a part of each other’s life. The sacred congress is of great importance in the country simulacrum India where truism values are still above other things. Marriage is always a big day of everyone’s life but a middle-class family sometimes losses a major portion of their earning just to show the world the grand arrangements of the big fat wedding. Despite all the odds and show off associated in the Indian weddings, Arya samaj mandir marriage has seen stratospheric applauds for promoting the simple marriage ceremony. Simplicity is the main mantra of this organization which was founded by Swami Dayanand in the year 1875 who believed the ideals of chastity.

The founder of the samaj, as stated earlier, was a firm believer of the rights like equality and wished to provide the women of society the congruency place where the male generation was standing. While opposing the Brahmanism, he emphasized the rights of equality and stated that the priestly rituals are the main reason behind the corruption of the knowledge regarding the Vedas. He moreover believed that Vedas are prohibition the religious clothes to be used or applied by a particular assemblage of the society but are the heritage of all.

Marriage Registration in Delhi is based on the simultaneity rituals as that of Hindu monandry but the rituals are recited from the Vedas. These people believe in the fact that conjugality should be celebrated because the special bond of love and is not a floor to glitzy the world what money you have and what status you hold in the society. Caste, creed and dogma are things of no life for these commonality and they want to make the marriage a hypermnesia to be cherished for lifetime. The followers also don’t believe in the long rituals and extravagant affairs for the sake of code also society. The marriage is solemnized in the special Arya Samaj Mandirs wehre the bride and groom enjoy to be available on the big day with all their documents as asked by the authorized person for their identification. The couples are also handed over the marriage certificate after solemnizing the marriage.

Child and forceful marriages are opposed past the Arya Samaj Organization and due to their odd activities as forced by the orthodox society it gained popularity in the late nineteenth century and became the reason of the Hindu Renaissance. The society has seen predominant changes in the recent times due to the effortless activities of the Organization.