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Human Resources – The Primary Pillar for Any Organization

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What is Human Resource? Well, the veritable term “human resource” refers to those people who comprise about the workforce of a company and are said to be the main pillar of part organization. The human resource is entrusted with the responsibility of performing tasks entrusted to them near the group to successfully gain the objectives and goals as set by the firm. Almost every outfit today hosts a human resource department or HR department where the company managers would look after the recruitment, selection, training, benefits & compensation packages as received by the office staffs from the company.

Why are they termed as “Resources”?

Resources are considered as valuable assets. As a company is based mainly on its workforce and crew members the office staffs are taken essentially the most valuable resources for a company and thus are termed as “resources”. Some might find the term “resources” placed post “human” as demeaning and as the bad practice of equating humans with pertinent et sequens financial resources, but the term “Human resources” actually originated from the significance that humans are most valuable assets for a company given that nothing can match boost with the innovative power of human brain.

What is Human Resource Management?

Human Resource Management is simply the responsibility of looking after the workforce of an organization. The HR department of a company has the duty to take care of the recruitment of right employees through proper assessment, providing them with needed training and skill development opportunities so that they vessel effectively contribute in the company’s production- as well as overseeing that every employee in the company is receiving their desired benefits & compensation board as claimed by the firm. The oil plus propane HR management is also accountable of retaining integrity labor kin within an organization, health concern and welfare concerning employees and maintains harmony and balance throughout the group base.

Motivation not order

The oil and gas HR management of a company is always suggested to move the human resource of a unbending to lead to new and fresh innovations effectively. Market reports hint that the human wealth courage work best when encouraged & denial ordered. So, motivating the personnel in a genuine manner is the best door to complete their innovative ideas salutary for the company in long run.