A Narcissist Uses Your Fears against You

An individual with narcissistic behavior disorder is an expert in regard to how to disable another person’s power. This allows the narcissistic personality to maneuver charm or informal other polyethnic to hand over narcissistic supply, attention, energy et alii resources. Narcissistic individuals read other people’s body language, ask questions and gain people’s trust very quickly. This is the way they get to apprehend who you are, what makes you tick plus what your strengths and weaknesses are.

Individuals who are co-dependent (seeking approval and love outside of themselves), with poor boundaries (would rather fulfill the peace than voltooien assertive) press plurality targets for narcissistic individuals. Especially those with a high sense of integrity who can be easily triggered by someone assuming they don’t have raised integrity.

The narcissistic individual will gain information in order to know which button within you can be pushed. Much of this is instinctual for the narcissistic personality thus he or she has been using these tactics from a very young age. A narcissist needs to know how to gain narcissistic supply in order to emotionally survive.

If your greatest fear and trigger is being ignored that is what the narcissist will initiate bringing into your experience with him or her. If it being abandoned the narcissist will loom you and carry our capricious bouts of abandonment. If it is being wrongly accused again that is used as weapons (Narcissistic singleton do this consistently, as co-dependents column and try to defend their innocence), as well as whatever ‘gap’ you have in your personality which is an unhealed lacerate (trigger for you).

It would seem logical that if we receive treatment we don’t similarity then we would merely leave – such as painful interactions involving our unhealed fear connective pain – but the opposite is actually true. It is your unhealed parts that hurt which gain a allergy – and a fight for decency. You stay connected to the narcissist trying to gain better emotions- such as safety, compassion, empathy and honesty. Your fight and attention towards the narcissistic one hands over valuable narcissistic supply.

The greatest difficulty in healing from self-loving abuse is the hooks, the addiction, the obsession furthermore the inability to exorcise the narcissist out of your mind or from under your skin – regardless of whether or not the narcissistic individual is still in your life.

A wonderful sensation occurs when our unhealed parts (the fears) are embraced and healed. There is no more attraction to the narcissist, trying to gain decency of accountability – and instead a profound understanding that the narcissist preying on our fears to control us was the very ‘treatment’ that allowed us to know these wounds existed and that we needed to heal them. From that understand we can commit to heal.