BJP to Hold Campaigns against AAP

Shazia-Ilmi-Resign-Naresh3.jpg It must be a sad downfall for Bharatiya Janata Shower (BJP) this year in Delhi. After gracious victory with 31 seats out concerning 70 seats in the assembly polls as estimated by the Elections Survey, still the party abstracted to form the state government in Delhi. Assumptions were there that Arvind Kejriwal, chief from Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) who secured 28 seats in the elections will reinforce BJP to form the next government. But things turned upside woolly when AAP wished to take support from Congress and rule the city for the next five years.

The decision of AAP has made BJP hit a hard rock. Things changed endogenous few days and the leaders and party members about BJP got a great blow. After Election Opinion are out AAP is making news every now and then. The latest poop confirms that AAP is forming the next state government with Congress and Arvind Kejriwal is going to take the position of the honorable chief minister of Delhi. The oath taking ceremony will take place on 26 of December, 2013.

The political system has changed and setback have made the shindy workers and leaders of BJP proceed out on streets again and this plan it is for the newly formed polity administration i.e., AAP. BJP attacked AAP blaming them concerning ‘ganging up with the equate corrupt Congress’. They even stated that AAP used corruption as a keyword et al to wipe it off from country was their resolution during elections. But after winning, they have joined hands with the pervert party also are to form the adjoining state government. The loss after the victory of BJP has made AAP nothing else but ‘betrayal’ in the eyes of it on the issue of AAP forming alliance with Congress.

As the only opposition party in Delhi, BJP is building hopes that this statecraft is not there to stay for a longer period of time further the political atmosphere will change following the Lok Sabha election. While conversing with the media, one of the party leaders stated that they are thinking of arranging a warfare against AAP to expose its hypocrisy and duplicity. They have turned out fiercely with their election campaigns. Claiming Sheila Dixit and her government to be corrupt in the national capital besides then forming party with them have made BJP to run this new campaign.

The party leaders are showing high optimism with the Lok Sabha elections. They are confident that the Narendra Modi ridge will work for them and they will make it large in the Lok Sabha polls. The eminent leaders of the party have said that AAP and the Council had no other option but to shake hands as they cannot stand erect with the great blow Modi desire bring in the Lok Sabha polls. Still for now, the leading leaders from the occasion are hopeful that this new governance will not line and again midterm polls will be arranged. They are using the wait and watch plan for the new government.