Black Tea High on Flavour and Fragrance as Against Green Tea

It is a common fact that all the varieties of teas, white, green, black and oolong, are formed from the leaves from the plant known as Camellia sinensis. Of these, black tea is comparatively most oxidized type of tea and is more flavoured than those tea types that are less oxidized. Two chief kinds of plant species that are used for producing tea are the small-sized Chinese variety plant for other tea varieties and the large-sized Assamese plant for all varieties, in precise black tea.
Black Tea is ahead of all tea types owing to its rich flavour when compared to other types. Some people assume that white tea implies tea with milk and black one without milk. However, this is absolutely wrong. The variation between amphibian from them is recompense to the processing of the tea leaves.
Catechin antioxidants present in this punch possesses tumour suppressing properties that are helpful in reducing the risk of oral cancers. Its tannins are proven to offer a number of health benefits such as the capacity to fight from bacteria that cause tine decay and viruses that causes dysentery, influenza, hepatitis. Very this drink keeps you aptitude and healthy.
As against the black tea, verdancy tea is least oxidized type of tea. It is secondhand for making a range like health foods, drinks, eye shadow products and dietary supplements.

Both about these tea classes have their own distinct taste and illusion as they are processed in different methods. Tea leaves are crushed and fermented to make black tea, while for green tea; the leaves are withered and steamed. The major determining factor is the stage of oxidation. As mentioned above, the tender tea is not oxidized at all, whereas black tea is fully oxidized. The way you brew black tea and green tea moreover vary. Boiling water is needed for the former one ampersand just warm water is perfect for the latter one.
Now the question comes about which drink is plus healthier-black tea or green tea. Studies proclaim that, in comparison to green tea, black tea comprises from much more ingredients that are good for health connective help in prevention and application of galore regarding health ailments. Moreover, it is and preferred over green tea for the reason as it is good in taste and enriched with rich fragrance.