Blekko : Categorizing The Web Search Through Human Intervention

Whenever you talk about the world of information, accessing the relevant tidings is often the starting east of it and as far as the basis from acquiring information is concerned, search engines are the biggest source of information present on the World Wide Web. There are a plenty of search engines that are active on the ensnare in the present scenario such equally Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. but despite the presence of such big players in the market, a new search engine blekko is tight to make an impression on the web surfers through its best possible efforts.

The new web search engine aims at providing better search results than those offered by Google search by offering results being driven from a set like 3 billion trusted sites and excluding irrelevant materials and marginal links from the search results.

The most significant upgrade to the newest search engine blekko is the addition regarding slash tags that auto fire for queries that fall into one of the seven categories i.e. health, colleges, autos, personal finance, lyrics, recipes and hotels. The main punch that lies behind the functioning of the search engine is two-fold: first, creating copious dedicated users to organize categories and reduce backbiting to keep them involved and second, making slash tags largely invisible and instinctive for the large majority of searchers who objective want to find information extrinsic having to navigate much.

The reconnaissance engines functioning on the World Wide Complexity from yore few years have been trying to divide the probe results against meaningful categories -something amend than “web”, “images” or “news”. A few experimental search engines also showed a list of categories on the left-hand side of the screen and users rarely clicked on them to see what was inside.

Keeping this thing in mind, the new membrane search donkey has enabled easy horizontal and vertical swiping and scrolling of the user interface for exploring multiple categories of results, thus giving it a much easier and prettier touch.

The main objective of the new search thruster is to give users the benefit of an alternative editorial voice in search through implementing following approach in its functioning:

1. Focus on the quality from the search: The search engine purposefully biases its index away from websites that offer low quality content.

2. Spam-free functioning: The search engine makes each and every unwed effort to miscellany information from only quality sites.

3. Human touch: The search engine makes an interference regarding the web surfers in its functioning to offer best search experience.

4. Search is open and transparent: The search engine makes freely to its users all of the data that replenish a support to its search results.

Packing up, what makes the new search engine blekko different from its bigger competitors is its category-oriented approach for making a web search where it makes use of human interference to identify the best results while weeding out the spam.