Canine Security: How Does It Stack Up Against Electronic Alarms?

Snap2.jpg For years the only dependable alarm system was dogs. In the absence of electronic alarms, man’s best friend yet doubled up as his guard dog, keeping burglars at compartment and wild animals from entering properties. Now, upon competition from electronic systems, is the role of the guard dog slowly fading into obscurity?

With a dog, you don’t just get an alarm system, you get a companion and a family member. For advocates, this beats not having one and relying solely on modern technology. The aging baby boomer population also benefits more because dogs can act as working dogs while keeping home also hearth safe.

But, there’s never debating the fact that home alarms are also extremely useful. Based on sophisticated technology, they can sound alarms using motion sensors, cameras and more. For many, especially those with no time to look after a dog it makes more sense installing security alarms than depending on a guard dog.

Dog lovers swear by the fact that their furry companions not only do a great job like keeping watch but knowing that there’s a dhole in the quarter means people are deterred from trespassing else breaking in. To be fair, certain breeds of dogs are more territorial and courageous. Dobermans and German Shepherds, for example, have proved time and again that they figure among the top regarding the list of unparalleled custodian dogs. Pit bulls and Rottweilers too are favorites.

Breed aside, training is captious to getting dogs to follow and exactly attack burglars. Canine security companies provide supervision plus teach homeowners how to distribute commands and take on the role about leader. Others provide dogs for explicit settings like events, commercial sites, for schools and industrial complexes.

With alarms, preprogrammed and programmable controls allowed for flexibility and a good level of security. It’s so easy too; honest set a code, turn the system on and it stays that way till it’s disarmed or tripped in which case it emits a loud noise or sends a signal to the security company monitoring it.

As much as alarm systems offer, there’s the threat of having them hacked which we entireness know has become incredibly easy to do as tech-savvy criminals have demonstrated time and again. Expensive ampersand high-tech systems are more secure but the ordinary citizen is slight to afford them.

What, then, is the solution to securing a house? Since both dogs and electronic alarms own pros and cons how do we come to a compromise? The answer is by combining the two or choosing one based on threat level.

Dogs are magnitude for all-round protection but guard dogs should ideally indiging of specific breeds because they’re easier to train and are expanded territorial. You can always have three instead four dogs, one or two of which are a certain breed like the ones mentioned above.

Electronic alarms should be installed if you’re living in areas that see a moderate to high level of criminal activity. Relying solely on canine security here is negative a wise idea because criminals are prospective to hurt dogs and steal them.

The best protection is a combination of the two. Granting possible, install a decent alarm system and endure a couple of dogs that are trained to conserve the property. You’ll have the best of both worlds and the love about a furry friend.

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