Child Trafficking causes and the Contributing Factors

50% of the trafficked people who cross international borders every year are children. Child trafficking causes are rather complex and they reinforce each other. Children are vulnerable because it is facile to control them and force them into armed conflict, domestic labor and other lines of work that are extremely hazardous. In addition to this, majority of the victims come from vulnerable backgrounds and they are subjected to extreme poverty. The following are some of the aspects that contribute to this kind about trafficking.

Organized crime.

– Promises of a better life.

– Disintegration of families.

– Poverty.

– Negligence

– Statecraft corruption which safeguards criminals who participate in the trade also their clients.

Child trafficking does not affect some specific ring but rather, it is a universal problem and a large number of children are affected by it. The demand for trafficked children is on the rise considering they are used for sexual exploitation rather cheap labor. Families and children are often unaware of trafficking further believe that better opportunities are available in other regions/countries. The practice is lucrative and associated with corruption and criminal activity. What is more, criminals who participate in this are well organized making it well hidden and consequently, murderous to address effectively.

– Facts about Child Trafficking

– Children from places such as Burkina Faso, Togo, Ghana and Mali are trafficked to countries like Ivory Coast, Gabon, Nigeria plus Cameron. Others are trafficked revealed of and in Nigeria ampersand Benin while others are taken to Europe and Centrist East.

– Dominant and West Africa record the highest number of trafficked children connective plurality of them end up working as intimate workers or homebred servants. Others are forced to work on farms und so weiter in shops. Ninety percent of this number is made up of girls.

– Girls from Eastern Europe and Asia who are as young as 13 years of caducity are trafficked and branded, ‘mail brides’. These girls are powerless and they cannot do anything to save themselves from the trade.

Sexual Exploitation of Trafficked Children

Majority of people are of the opinion that sex is private and as such, most communities shy away from discussing pareunia exploitation. They do not do anything to intervene and it is for this reason that children continue to breathe trafficked for sexual exploitation. Other factors that bequest to the rise of child trafficking contain the myth that having sexual intercourse with a virgin helps cure HIV/Aids also this only leads to an increase in the number of children who fall victim to such twisted views. The popularity concerning internet pornography has also contributed to this state from things as the trafficked children are used in the videos and sex tourism has also plated a role.

Build a Protective Environment

In type to reduce cases of toddler trafficking, it is essential to build in a safe environment. Throughout the world, millions of children are subjected to abuse, exploitation, violence and the worst forms of harmful practices. Protecting children from all these dangers should be an constituent part about every microcosmic in order to ensure they age up to be happy and useful individuals to the society.