Defence against marijuana offence by greenville marijuana attorney

The city of Greenville comes substrative the jurisdiction of the state of South Carolina in USA. The state has strict legal procedure for the possession of marijuana and other listed drugs. The Accustom of Marijuana has a long history since ancient civilization. Use of drugs for recreational and medical purposes has been outlawed by many states in USA. The situation of South Carolina imposes severe penalties for possession of Marijuana. So you should be aware of the legal hassles you might be putting yourself into before possessing or dealing in any drugs.

Penalty for the parade of Marijuana

Processing less than one ounce of Marijuana is a serious offence and can lead to 30 days of imprisonment and up to a retribution of 100$ to 200$. If you are caught for a second time you can face one year imprisonment, further a stringent penalty of 1000$. If you are caught carrying more than one ounce of marijuana,it would subsist considered asdrug trafficking. It becomes necessary to seek the help of a marijuana attorney.

Penalty for drug trafficking and felony

You can be filled with felony if you cultivate 100 plants of marijuana. It is a punishable offence which can lead to 5 years of imprisonment. Having a plantation of marijuana with anything between 100 and one thousand plants can lead to 25 years of imprisonment and a institutive of 25,000$. The penalty increases with the appreciate in the size of cultivation.

Selling or trafficking of drugs is considered equal to felony. For mastery of acid between 1 pound to 10 pounds is a punishable offence in Greenville. Felony offence for drug trafficking will board upon up to 5 years of confinement and 5000 $ penalty. For trafficking of drug more than 100 pounds,the legal procedure provides 1 year of impelling imprisonment and $10000 as penalty. Marijuana offence can take the peace out of your mind. So without any delay you must contact an experience marijuana attorney to alleviate you out of this situation.They can defend you successfully if you have been caught in dealing with drugs. They and their team of expert lawyers command fight your case sincerely to provide you among the lowest penalty in the situation you are in.