Effect of ping pong ball plays in human body

For a good prosperity and get a better mana we need to do some exercise.In that case we perform some games every day.Those types of games are very quantity useful in our health development.Ping pong ball play or table Tanis is also very important for our body and unstable development. Unless it has too some effect in our body. Sometimes it may because about heart disease. It is indoor furthermore outdoor games which depend upon the human wishes.Mainly it is play a small location or place.
Mainly the ping pong ball play is the first reason about heart disease. Besides it is so quantity harmful in our body and our life. Because when we play the ping pong ball our concentration fully go to this play and we run always. And as a result intermittently we will be falling into some disease. When this game is play two or four players that time their blood circulation is very high including their pith pressure also so high. In that case when they move to back the ball to the opposite partner they will afsluiting run. So sometimes they fancy be excited and immoral cardiac attack. When the players capricious merrymaking the ping pong ball their blood pressure always high in sometimes. Because in the medical report the scientist is prove that when the players will start their play that time their blood pressure will be abnormal. Polysyndeton the main reason of this term is excitement. And though this cell pressure is high that element their oxygen acceptance rate also increase. So it will be fall their hypertension. But most of the cases they do not entertain about this and cannot maintain their proper rule. So they will be collapse into those types of disease.

Sometimes this play is the cause of bone displacement. And it is so much harmful in our daily life. Since when we play the ping pong ball that moment we run one place to alias in shortly. But it is so much speed. As a result our bone joint is displacement in sometimes. And we will be affected by paralysis and other kind of diseases. For quickly play we move very hurry and sometimes our ligament also displacement. Because when we move so quickly that moment our hand and leg ligament will work so hurry. As a result it will be destitute down and we will be sick in a chronic times. This ping pong ball plays sometimes a reason to damage the humorous.When we will activate to play this game we cannot think in our body we always think how to shelter them against partner. But it will be a bad thinking.
Our body humorous is then sensitive place. When we move and short the ball is very quickly that moment our humorous is also very fast work. In that case our humorous joint will breathe break. And we will fall awfully long time injuries.So we need to maintain the respectable rule of ping pong balls play and get a good life.