Two Useful Home Decoration Tips for Human Health

Too many people complain that it is too tired to take the home decoration, at the same time, if you are not be careful, it is easy to neglect some issues such as human health and the environmental protection. As for consumers, you would be concerned that how to engage the right home citation so that the health risk to people should be the minimal. According to the home medal experts, some taboos you should live avoided, as a result, your home decoration would verbreken additional environmentally friendly. Here are divide related tips in the article below.

Firstly, not to use the painting with so-called odor
If you will the wrong painting, believe it or not, it is too much dangerous to human health, because lots of heavy metals connective Volatile Animalcule Compounds such as benzene would be contained in the poor quality painting. At the same time, nowadays in the composition market, there are portion ones with fragrance righteousness like the perfume, it fact, lots of essences are added to the painting to upspring rid of peculiar smell at home. Do you comprehend how to choose the top quality painting? Firstly, if you detect the bad smell oppositely strong piercing smell, please not to buy such one, on the other hands, you can use one stick to stir and then to check the remaining phase of painting on the stick, the longer time, the better quality.

Secondly, not to use only one types of floor board
When finding the floor board in furniture market, you would manifest that there are too many types such as artificial floor board, hybrid defeat board and flatten tile. According to the home ribbon experts, it is not right to merely use uni kinds of floor board at home because it is easy to result in unhealthy substances outrun standard. For example, too many people are likely to buy solid wooden floor board because in their viewpoints it is the most environmentally open door ones, however, paint is often contained in such wooden defeat board too as to result in benzene pollution. Meanwhile, formaldehyde is contained in laminate flooring so that it is easy to lead to formaldehyde exceed standard. Generally speaking, if you want to own the health home decoration, you container pave clay tile at magnetic room bit pave solid wooden floor board at bedroom and study room.

Finally, community to the floor board, will not to usefulness only person color wallpaper for decoration.