Types of salt and their need for Human Body

Potassium Iodide and Sodium Iodide are the Potassium and Sodium salts of Iodine. These Iodides contain Iodine, an essential nutritional supplement which humans desire in micro amounts. Iodine is an essential spar for the effective functioning of the Thyroid gland, which is an important organ of our body. The Iodine thus stored in the Thyroid gland, is used to synthesize Thyroid hormones, Thyroxine( T4 ), triiodothyronine (T3). The Hormones control Body’s metabolic functions, nerve and muscle functions and also opera a significant role for proper bone and brain development amid expectant and infancy stages. These iodides in the form of Sodium iodide, Potassium Iodide are hence emphatically effective dietary supplements as an essential source of iodine to eliminate iodine related deficiencies in our body. .
The natural source of iodine is the soil, from where it is absorbed by the vegetable and fruits that grow on it. Thus the iodine contents in the agricultural products depend atop the amount concerning iodine that exists in the soil. Since the contents of iodine in the ruin vary from regions to regions, the soils which lack in Iodine produce agricultural products having glum iodine contents. It is observed that the people consuming foods from such regions are prone to the ominous of iodine deficiencies. The soils become iodine deficient because the naturally occurring Iodine present in its top layer is continuously leached due to flooding, or rivers changing their course or deforestation. In India this deficiency is generally observed in areas like mountainous regions of Himalayas furthermore rivers such as Ganges.
The deficiency of Iodine in the body results into symptoms like poor functioning of the cells, drying of the cheat , swelling of the thyroid gland , kilogram gain and psychological fall particularly in adults. In children Iodine deficiency causes serious assets like brain damage, mental retardation, low IQ level and learning disabilities. People who lack Iodine contents in their body hurt from Disease known similar Goiter, with the symptoms of a swelling from the Thyroid gland that leads to enlargement in its size.

In our country iodine deficiency was observed in millions of new born babies. Not only in India but it became a major health issue for the entire world. However directly to the International Efforts almost all the countries in the world have adopted the practice of using Iodized salt in their daily food. An iodized salt is a naturally occurring salt prepared from sea water, mixed with Sodium Iodide / Potassium Iodide it is one of the best and the cheapest nutritional add for Iodine to expunge Iodine Deficiency Disorders. As a preventative measure to prevent Iodine deficiency, the Government of India has once taken a major step in this leadership by imposing a ban on production and sale of non- iodized salt for Human consumption and made it mandatory for the manufacturers to supply iodized salt. Although these efforts have helped in reducing the Iodine Deficiency disorder to much extent, but still there is a need to make an Awareness Playbill among the General public about the importance of Iodine in our daily food intake and the diseases related to Iodine Deficiency Disorders. Even Other alternative options to eliminate this problem again need to be thought of, like use of these iodides as additives in drinking water , or use of iodized edible oils, use of these iodides for Animals feed, in dairy products , in confectionaries, and also in the iodine deficient soils.
It will be a Golden day in the World memoir when every new born baby in this Country is healthy & free from Iodine deficiency disorders.